Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Support

Zimbra discharged extraordinary news for the Open Source Community utilizing Zimbra Collaboration: we now have Open Source Support. In this blog entry, I will survey run of the mill Zimbra Sysadmin issues and how Zimbra can offer Official Support to comprehend these issues.

Zimbra Collaboration keeps running over Linux, which implies security, unwavering quality and a better than average uptime for administration. Be that as it may, let’s be honest, when things turn out badly, they can turn out badly. On the off chance that you have Zimbra Collaboration Open Source, these means may sound well known to you:

1. The Zimbra OSE Server was introduced by someone else or contractual worker who you don’t work with any longer. It’s impractical to get in touch with them, and you or your IT Department won’t not have enough information to achieve an answer.

2. Your IT Department took after Open Source zimbra Platform and watched recordings about how to introduce Zimbra OSE, however they didn’t have any extra Zimbra mastery or information. Presently they can’t resolve a basic issue on your Zimbra Server with hundred or thousands of clients.

3. Your organization requires merchant bolster for all mission basic applications, similar to Email, Virtualization, Networking, Storage, and so forth. It is turning out to be increasingly basic for IT Companies and Service Providers to offer authority bolster for mission basic applications.

4. Your organization is running an obsolete Zimbra version–leaving you defenseless and without the most recent security features–and you don’t know how to redesign. This point is more basic than you can envision. For instance, an issue for ClamAV for ZCS 8.0.6 or underneath started a week ago, and the activity to our authority wiki, gatherings and web journals duplicated x3, which means a great deal of sysadmins are as yet utilizing old Zimbra Collaboration suite variants.

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