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Hello dear as you reached this post then I know that you are looking for a boyfriend. To complete your wish of “I want a boyfriend” we have written this article. So, you can easily solve your want of boyfriend. I want a boyfriend this is desire of every single girl. As love plays a major role in everyone’s life. Living life alone is just like plant with no flowers. As love not only makes a life colorful but also brings happiness. Read this short conversation:

Miss Priyanka: Hello Shirley, How are you ?

Miss Shirley: I am fine but not happy much.

Miss Priyanka: Why so ? What happen ? Is everything alright ?

Miss Shirley: Yes everything is fine but I want a boyfriend in my life now as my life is boring without a boyfriend.

Miss Priyanka: So, have you tried the 5 ways to Solve I want a boyfriend problem written by admin of NearbyMe2.com. They always comes us with nearby solutions. It’s awesome reading their articles and getting free tips from them about relationship tips, romance tips, love tips and dating tips.

Miss Shirley: No, I haven’t will you share me the link of that article.

Miss Priyanka: Yes Sure, Sharing the article for my friend will solve my friends problem. So, why not now. Wait let me share it with you.

After Reading the Article

Miss Shirley: Ah it’s amazing! I learnt few ways to solve I want a boyfriend problem. As well as I got the link of one more article which I would like to read:

If you also want a boyfriend then read this article and share it with your needy friends as well as read above 10 Best love Tips for Girl article by clicking on the above link. As it is necessary to know about the tips to attract man.

5 ways to solve I want a boyfriend problem

1. Don’t move so fast

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If you like your new friend then don’t move so fast. Do not show that you are desperate and have no option other than him. Talk him about relationships ,girlfriends and boyfriends etc. but very steadily. Don’t do these things in your first meeting it can put question mark on your character.

2. Show your care

i want a boyfriend - get boyfriend 2

Give your full attention towards him when he speaks something. Greet him with a pleasant smile. Make eye contact while talking to him. Do something in favour of him. These things will indirectly let him know that you are interested in him.

3. Show your confidence and independence.

i want a boyfriend - get boyfriend 3

What you do or what you say , you should be confident. You have to show that you are  independent and you do not need  somebody to do everything for you. This will create a perception that you are a fully developed and interesting girl.

4. Make the first move

i want a boyfriend - get boyfriend 4

Don’t wait too long to let the guy ask you to hang out . He might be feeling  shy or afraid of being rejected.

When you make the first move it would be like his dreams becoming true.

5. Ask for date

i want a boyfriend - get boyfriend 5

When you are in friendship with a boy for a long time and you like him. Then sometimes do flirt with him. You can hold his hand or back gently etc.

Finally,you can go straight and ask him for a date confidently, it is not insane as,most people find it more attractive.

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